Thursday, August 17, 2006


Hi fans, I have moved. thanks for the continued support. Look out for A Jesters tale in a stores. Please go to come and visit and praise me! The Jester

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


whatever 5 times, here is a hand.

hello, whwhahahahahahaha

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Actually back!!!!

I have got a house again, in fact I have my old house back and the charges have been dropped. One of the tramps in the park was in fact very rich. It turns out he was grateful for my lessons in poker (I won of course) and left me £15,000 in his will, which I had kindly help him write before he the drowning incident. I have paid my debts of and am now able to live normally again. Also I may have my documentary on TV soon, I can’t wait to see it. I am sure I will look great in it. How could I look anything else but great you ask, well I think the film makers were a little jealous of me, also I sort of hit the director a few times when he was rude at a family party I had organised. So I hope to be back on more often now, and I am free to field qustions. Keep the faith The Jester lives

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Nearly back

The Jester will be back on your TV soon, well not quite me, but played by an actor on crimewatch. Also I didn't steal any money I merely won it at poker, just because the children hadn't listened to my lessons properly doesn't mean they shouldn't pay up when I won. Some of them were fat anyway and didn't need to buy any lunch. I hope they pick some one good looking like The Jester, in fact I have written to the police to say I could be the actor to play the "poker thief in the park". I will walk with a limp so they won't knwo its me and I can play the part sympathetically to the truth. Jester

Monday, March 20, 2006

hi fans sorry about the gap

there have been some strange occurences in the Jesters finances. I have found that some of my bills have gone unpayed so I came home last month to find the house boarded up. Luckily my tent was drying out in the garden so I have been living in the local park till I get some money sorted. I'm sure the Jesters friends will come through though. Whats another few weeks in a tent. Also I have discovered that the internet cafes are great, I have ben recognised several times as I used their PCs. A policeman was saying to the owner "is that him?" they didn't speak to me but I knew they recognised me. I will soon be back in permanent accomodationa and once the charges are dropped against me I will be back in business. take care fans Jester

Monday, February 20, 2006

Freeroll update - Jester rules

The tourney was a success, well nearly as I only got 2nd place. Some people were unhappy at the amount of freeroll whores in attendance, personally I don’t care, they are all there for me to beat. I was unlucky as I played in several games at once and was in a great deal of pain with a bad back. This said I still played amazing poker, but after a while the lack of food and sleep for three days made me make mistakes. I did endure some abuse while playing but it is to be expected, after all the players were mostly arrogant loudmouthed yanks who I always enjoy beating. I am going to list some players here in categories: Loyal Fans: Clever shrek – a true Jester fan and great man Zonetrap – even though he is American he still seems ok Darkplay – a man with much to learn but he knows it Defman – mentally unstable and possibly related to Groundskimmer Ali G – pretends not to like the Jester but sends the Jester strange sexy messages – weird but harmless Rude people who are jealous and rude to the Jester: Bradesmaen – Australian! And thinks he’s the business – he usually gets timed out while he looks for the right chapter in his poker books. IBGN – talks the talk but goes on tilt easily. Has challenged the Jester and will be punished Another tourney will be along soon where you can learn from the Jester so keep watching Pokerplasm – the home of the Jester. I am still looking for a sponsor for my entry fee to the next WSOP or any major games. You would be making easy money as I’m brilliant The Jester

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Roll the Jester

Fans I have been asked to play in a freeroll. Normally I wouldn't as they are full of tramps and scroungers. This is different as I will be actively tutoring people in the game. The idea is people try to beat The Jester! Not much chance of that. The winner will get a T-Shirt used in the film about me, 2nd and 3rd get Jester lighters and all top 5 get a signed poker chip from me. For more details check out the poker plasm link on the right. Sign up using the banner on the site for Absolute poker. You must sign up through the banner if you are new to enter the freeroll. Also there will be real money for the winners to win. I will probably get first place but you can try. I will have more details soon. The date will be the 18th February. If you are new to the world of the Jester, come along (if you have an invite - if you don't post a comment and beg). See you at the tables, well not actually see you, you are probably a scrubber and I wouldn't give you my time if you smell or don't have a job. I'll beat you at the tables. The Jester